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Imagine your OTP moving in together for the first time.


  • What makes your character angry?
  • What makes your character happy?
  • What makes your character sad?
  • What makes your character nostalgic?
  • What makes your character nervous?
  • What makes your character pensive?
  • What makes your character excited?
  • What makes your character puzzled?
  • What makes your character annoyed?
  • What makes your character lustful?
  • What makes your character disgusted?
  • What makes your character afraid?
  • What makes your character brave?
  • What makes your character ashamed?
  • What makes your character hopeful?
  • What makes your character relaxed?
  • What makes your character violent?
  • What makes your character spiteful?
  • What makes your character indignant?
  • What makes your character cautious?
  • What makes your character apathetic?
  • What makes your character curious?



Someone bursts into the room and lays a great big snog on your character. 

1) Who is this person, 2) How does your character respond?


“Layers” Character Meme


  • Name: 
  • Eye Color: 
  • Hair Style/Color: 
  • Height: 
  • Clothing Style: 
  • Best Physical Feature:


  • Your Fears: 
  • Your Guilty Pleasure: 
  • Your Biggest Pet Peeve: 
  • Your Ambition for the Future: 
  • Your First Thoughts Waking Up: 
  • What You Think About the Most: 
  • What You Think About Before Bed: 
  • You Think Your Best Quality Is: 


  • Single or Group Dates: 
  • To be Loved or Respected: 
  • Beauty or Brains: 
  • Dogs or Cats: 


  • Lie: 
  • Believe in Yourself: 
  • Believe in Love: 
  • Want Someone: 


  • Been on Stage: 
  • Done Drugs: 
  • Changed Who You Were to Fit In: 


  • Favorite Color: 
  • Favorite Animal:
  • Favorite Movie: 
  • Favorite Game:


  • Day Your Next Birthday Will Be: 
  • How Old Will You Be: 
  • Age You Lost Your Virginity: 
  • Does Age Matter: 


  • Best Personality: 
  • Best Eye Color:  
  • Best Hair Color: 
  • Best thing to do With a Partner: 


  • I love:
  • I feel: 
  • I hide: 
  • I miss: 
  • I wish: 


You don’t need to describe your character down to the finest detail; let your reader do some imagining of their own (they seem to enjoy that!) But there are a few character points that affect how they interact with their world which you can reveal through action.

  1. Height: Do they need to duck through doorways, or bend to speak to their friends? Do they struggle to reach the top shelf in the supermarket? The way they cope with these things reveal how they feel about their height. Do they compensate by wearing heels or by slouching?
  2. Weight: Do they easily slip through small spaces and crowds? Or do they avoid sitting on flimsy-looking furniture? Do they suffer backache from pulling their stomach in all day, or do they wear layers to try and look bulkier?
  3. Eyesight: How well can they see distances or read small print? Do they proudly wear glasses, do they go more subtle with contact lenses, or are they in complete denial?
  4. Smell: Do they douse themselves in perfume or do people shy away from their sweaty smell? Do they realise what they smell like, or are they oblivious?
  5. Walk: Does the way they walk make them stand out, or blend in with the crowd? Do they look ahead or walk looking at their feet? How big is their stride, how big are their feet, and how does this affect the way they move around their world?

These are all things that can be used to reveal character, impact plot and affect the setting.

Think about how happy your character is with their physical attributes. Do they hide them because they’ve suffered years of bullying, or are they proud of who they are and have little care for what others think?


1. Absent: preoccupied
2. Agonized: as if in pain or tormented
3. Alluring: attractive, in the sense of arousing desire
4. Appealing: attractive, in the sense of encouraging goodwill and/or interest
5. Beatific: see blissful
6. Bilious: ill-natured
7. Black: angry or sad, or see hostile
8. Bleak: see grim and hopeless
9. Blinking: surprise, or lack of concern
10. Blissful: showing a state of happiness or divine contentment
11. Blithe: carefree, lighthearted, or heedlessly indifferent
12. Brooding: see anxious and gloomy
13. Bug eyed: frightened or surprised
14. Chagrined: humiliated or disappointed
15. Cheeky: cocky, insolent
16. Cheerless: sad
17. Choleric: hot-tempered, irate
18. Coy: flirtily playful, or evasive
19. Crestfallen: see despondent
20. Darkly: with depressed or malevolent feelings
21. Deadpan: expressionless, to conceal emotion or heighten humor
22. Dejected: see despondent
23. Derisive: see sardonic
24. Despondent: depressed or discouraged
25. Doleful: sad or afflicted
26. Dour: stern or obstinate; see also despondent
27. Downcast: see despondent
28. Dreamy: distracted by daydreaming or fantasizing
29. Ecstatic: delighted or entranced
30. Etched: see fixed
31. Faint: cowardly, weak, or barely perceptible
32. Fixed: concentrated or immobile
33. Furtive: stealthy
34. Gazing: staring intently
35. Glancing: staring briefly as if curious but evasive
36. Glaring: see hostile
37. Glazed: expressionless due to fatigue or confusion
38. Gloomy: see despondent and sullen
39. Glowering: annoyed or angry
40. Glowing: see radiant
41. Grim: see despondent; also, fatalistic or pessimistic
42. Grave: serious, expressing emotion due to loss or sadness
43. Haunted: frightened, worried, or guilty
44. Hopeless: depressed by a lack of encouragement or optimism
45. Hostile: aggressively angry, intimidating, or resistant
46. Hunted: tense as if worried about pursuit
47. Impassive: see deadpan
48. Inscrutable: mysterious, unreadable
49. Jeering: insulting or mocking
50. Languid: lazy or weak
51. Leering: see meaningful; also, sexually suggestive
52. Meaningful: to convey an implicit connotation or shared secret
53. Mild: easygoing
54. Mischievous: annoyingly or maliciously playful
55. Moody: see sullen
56. Pained: affected with discomfort or pain
57. Pallid: see wan
58. Peering: with curiosity or suspicion
59. Peeved: annoyed
60. Petulant: see cheeky and peeved
61. Pitying: sympathetic
62. Pleading: seeking apology or assistance
63. Pouting: see sullen
64. Quizzical: questioning or confused
65. Radiant: bright, happy
66. Roguish: see mischievous
67. Sanguine: bloodthirsty, confident
68. Sardonic: mocking
69. Scornful: contemptuous or mocking
70. Scowling: displeased or threatening
71. Searching: curious or suspicious
72. Set: see fixed
73. Shamefaced: ashamed or bashful
74. Slack-jawed: dumbfounded or surprised
75. Sly: cunning; see also furtive and mischievous
76. Snarling: surly
77. Sneering: see scornful
78. Somber: see grave
79. Sour: unpleasant
80. Stolid: inexpressive
81. Straight-faced: see deadpan
82. Sulky: see sullen
83. Sullen: resentful
84. Taunting: see jeering
85. Taut: high-strung
86. Tense: see taut
87. Tight: see pained and taut
88. Unblinking: see fixed
89. Vacant: blank or stupid looking
90. Veiled: see inscrutable
91. Wan: pale, sickly; see also faint
92. Wary: cautious or cunning
93. Wide eyed: frightened or surprised
94. Wild eyed: excited, frightened, or stressful
95. Wistful: yearning or sadly thoughtful
96. Withering: devastating; see also wrathful
97. Woeful: full of grief or lamentation
98. Wolfish: see leering and mischievous
99. Wrathful: indignant or vengeful
100. Wry: twisted or crooked to express cleverness or a dark or ironic feeling


Inspired by 10 Steps To Creating Memorable Characters: Forms, Checklists and Exercises

  • What are your their priorities? 
  • At their best, they are:
  • At their worst, they are: 
  • How do they see themselves? 
  • How does it differ from the way others see them? 
  • How do they react to arguments? 
  • What do they do when they want to impress people?
  • What trait in others do they find admirable?
  • Are they more of an optimist or a pessimist? 
  • What is the worst thing someone could do to them?
  • What is something that would make them upset enough to cry? 
  • Are they more of a leader or a follower?
  • What are their responsibilities, or at least, what do they see as being their responsibilities? 
  • What frightens them most?
  • What sort of physical quirks do they have when they are bored or otherwise stationary (tapping fingers, shaking leg, biting lip, etc)? 
  • How do they react to social situations?
  • How have their parents influenced them?
  • What is their role in their social circle? What do they bring to the table?
  • How do they feel about the way they look?
  • Describe their living space, be it a bedroom, apartment, or entire house. 
  • What are their best and worst memories? 
  • What do they do when they’re upset? 
  • If their personality and disposition were a bit of scenery, describe it, from flora and fauna to weather.